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Vzr Sr16ve

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Hi everyone 

I own a 97 vzr sr16ve

I need some advice and knowledge on a issue i had yesterday with my vzr. So i was driving home last night like you normally do running through the gears like so when i came to a red light. I started moving again in gear 1 and changed into gear 2 and noticed my clutch took me a lot longer to reach gear 2 which was shocking, and when i tried moving into gear 3  the clutch pedal worked but my gear 3 just wouldnt move at all so i pulled over to check the engine bay. I know for sure that the clutch pedal was loose and adjusted it so that i can get the car running into gear. Unfortunately i had to drive all the way home in gear 2 as it just wouldnt change into any other gear. This morning i adjusted the gears properly and the gears worked fine for a little while until i turned off the car and turnd it on again. It got to the point where it would just crunch for 1 second into gear and then another second it was fine. I just want to know if its actually worth replacing the whole clutch and gear box and if so does anyone know any good upgraded full clutch systems for this model? or should i get it adjusted profrssionally and looked at without replacing it? Please help cheers

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