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Auto Electrician and Painter for 180sx

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Anyone know of any reliable auto electrician specialising in 180sx?


I need a once over on the wiring, left side electronics not working at all except for the antennae occasionally. Lights are out now too.


Also on the hunt for someone who can spray my car. I want to restore it to it's original state. It's already got the original paint etc, just want to clean it up and fix it up as it's faded and scratched everywhere.


That's what happens when you leave your mint condition car with family while you go away for work - you come back to it all banged and scratched.


I also need someone to give the whole car a once over to check for faults and just general wear and tear. I believe there could be some damage under the car from years ago when someone drove into it.


I did look at forums, mostly outdated replies.


My plan for the car is to keep the original look on the outside, but make it powerful on the inside, it's def a work in progress.

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