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  1. Cruise to wtac

    Would any one be interested in a cruise down to wtac next Saturday we could meet athe twins southbound around 730ish Not a great deal has happened in the Newcastle scene lately so hopefully this will get the ball rolling again for a few more cruises in the near future like the the one last may at kotara which turned out great
  2. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Thanks but when you have a close look it's a rig and a half lol...
  3. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    i was in the black soarer
  4. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    seen josh in at the forshore yesterday man your evo is dope
  5. thats sweet ...dont see many dope z20 getting around seen this thing on z2osoarer.org but that forum is a bit slow with not many active members
  6. when you buy bolt on spacers from isc or similar you will get some slimish wheel nuts with the spacers for bolting the spacer to the hub but with the 25mm spacers you may have to grind a few mm off your existing studs so they poke thru the past the spacer face and foul on your wheel
  7. screamer pipe questions

    i dont have massive power only like 140-170kws depending on boost but its in a car that weighs 900kgs with me in it i will just weld the flap shut and plumb up a 38mm gate . thanks for the advice
  8. screamer pipe questions

    even if it dont have a pressure signal going to the acuator
  9. just like most peolpe out there i like screamer pipes , my question is if i were to plum up a external gate and screamer to my turbo which is still internally gated and not hook up the acuator boost line will it hold shut fine so i can use a external gate when i want noise and then change the vac lines when i have had enough of the noise so it runs the internal gate .has anyone done this before if so did it work out ok
  10. Any Tips On Making A Screamerpipe?

    its easy enough to do if you have a turbo thats still on the stock manifold just get a jjr split dump from just jap i got mine for $109 then take your turbo off and get some 4mm flat bar and grind it up and make it fit neatly inside the exhaust housing between the wastegate flap and turbine wheel making sure it wont foul the flap at all and it is going to sit somhwere on the dump pipe that is going seal nicley then weld it in carefully leaving it proud of the gasket surface then get out a decent sharp file and file back the peice you left proud untill its the same height as the gasket surface or it will leak and sound gay then put it all back together with some exhaust sealant. now all thats left to do is go out for a drive and scare unsuspecting p platers in vn's
  11. EVO 5 ocked front diff

    steer very clear even if it has power steering you get sick of a locked front diff and when you reverse in a car park the car will hop badly ..i welded my diff up and my front cv's where rooted within a month and then front ball joints and bushes were all wrecked then the steering wrack went very vauge at speeds so i ditched the diff and replaced all the parts that were f**ked. in the end it cost more to fix all the things that wore out super quick that it was to buy a diff in short it wrecks stuff and for a daily its crap get them to change it if you trust the car yard in question
  12. new clutch = rough idle?

    did you change the flywheel while it was apart to a lighter one also the new clutch could be lighter making it stall easier. when you take off is it the same as the old clutch or do you need more revs to get it moving
  13. Turbo car laws

    hahaha thats right just paint shit black
  14. Jobs That Pay Decent Cash $$$

    ^lol, definately not like this. build up a porfolio and take it around to a few QUALITY shops and see if they'll take you on as an apprentice he said he is only free for four months and apprentice wages = you being poor
  15. Jobs That Pay Decent Cash $$$

    go to the local pub where all the tradies drink after work and hit em up most will pay cash i have done this a few times now and if your any good you will get around 170-220 a day