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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 78000 Price : $17,800 Condition : Used HSD-HR -Coilovers -Camber Arms -New Clutch -HID Lights -Dish Wheels -Aux In -180hp I bought the Autech from Xtreme motorsports 1 year ago with 53000kms I am the first owner is Aus, the car still has 9 months dealer warranty. I drive to penrith UWS 3 times a week from Turramurra hence the kms. Shortly after buying the car I had HSD -HR coilovers installed which are the best HSD's you can get, $1350, to accompany the coilovers I have rear camber links installed, the front camber can also be adjusted through the coilovers. The HSDs are height and damping adjustable and provide a firm, flat ride. They were setup professionally by pedders, to provide negative camber. The car being an Autech has a higher compression SR20de with extractors making 180hp, rear strut, turbo brakes, 6 speed close ratio gear box, Autech tuned ECU etc. I also own an rx7 fc so I understand about warming the engine up before i drive it and how to maintaine a car. Two months ago i had a service including a new clutch installed. Selling my Autech because im purchasing a motorbike. Feel free to call or sms my mobile at any reasonable time Elliot Zero425340414
  2. Onevia or Sileighty?

    sileighty! love the silvia front end
  3. n/a TALK <<

    something like this? that was the set up on my mates old s13 ... best sounding SR n/a i have heard! think its like 2.5" to 3" twin tips.. (obviously has unnecessary bends taken out... flows ALOT better.
  4. n/a TALK <<

    well i finally have my car up for sale! http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=490127 if anyone is interested..
  5. i replaced mine a month or so ago without a press.. if the bushes are 2 piece then it shouldn't be too hard to get the old ones out. mine where 1 piece and i didnt have a press so i ended up cutting them off hahah... such a bitch! but yes i got quoted $570 for rack and castor rod bushes... f**k that i ended up paying <$100 for all the bushes and wasn't too much of an effort to do it myself. and then an alignment and good to go:thumbsup: if you can't be bothered to do it yourself and are willing to pay a little then yeah get adjustables for sure..
  6. i run no spoiler/wing on my sil80, but i've seen an s14 kouki style spoiler on a sil80 and loved it.
  7. Your wheels...

    in all seriousness though. im a fan of these!!
  8. Your wheels...

    yea! but you'd need em probs around 20x6.5 or possibly 20x7 with pos offset.. FUUUUUUCCKKK... where did you even find these!
  9. n/a TALK <<

    whats done to it? ahhhhhh.... buddyclub coilovers, pod, welded diff put a new radiator in not long ago... yeah it doesn't have much done to it.. some sort of 17x7 gay lenso's haha i'll put the add with everything up tomorrow!
  10. n/a TALK <<

    Here is my N/A btw, hopefully put it up for sale today or next few days!
  11. n/a TALK <<

    looks good man.. i still think roof spoiler and no boot wing but its all in opinion.
  12. It's was originally SR20DET now its SR20DE. 1994 180sx
  13. Well the story goes.... My tacho needle is bouncing something fierce!! (been a problem since i bought the car) i tried a new cluster today and and it stayed at 0. i can see many wires have been cut and joined with new wires (just behind the plugs for the cluster)... i traced one back to the engine bay and it seems as though one side of a plug (loom) is missing or something?? so maybe the there is a reason for these cuts and dodgy joins. The needle still moves up with revs but is bouncing to the bullshit! any idea's on the problem? help would be much apprecieated! Thanks -John
  14. n/a TALK <<

    dont forget all the fuel pump that was really annoying duuuudeee a week after i bought it it wouldn't start!...turns out it wasn't the fuel pump but two wires going to the distributor had been worn to the bsack and eventually broke ... not a hard fix but i did buy a new coil trying to find out what the problem was... the electronics where pretty terrible with the ol sil80.
  15. n/a TALK <<

    well... no longer has a vertex rear bar (dropped it on a jack stand.... IDIOT!! ) so sporting a stock bar... NO MORE MISFIRES! new radiator. new cluster tomorrow hopefully (took me a while) welded diff gay lenso rims nothing much has changed really... i've been in bullshit amounts of debt since i bought it. your new s13/ yo mangs old one = WIN