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  1. Hi all, JSCC are proud to announce we have put together a brilliant track day for past and present JSCC members and guests! To be held on Sunday 26 April at Sydney Motorsport Park: South Circuit, it will be a timed track event open to all types of sports cars and levels of drivers. Cars will be grouped according to previous lap times or beginner status, so each group will be paced to involve minimal overtaking. NATSOFT timing will be provided and we will have some passenger sessions. While it is not a competitive day, there will be take home encouragement awards from Whiteline, V-Sport and Nulon for most consistent driving of the day!! The event will open at 7:30am for sign-on and drivers briefing will be at 8:30am for track opening at 9:00am. All racing will cease at 5:00pm. Entries will be taken online via the entry form which includes payment details. The entry fees are: Current JSCC member: $200 Previous member renewal + Trackday: $215 Non-member JSCC Sign Up + Trackday: $230 Non-member: $245 If you have any questions let us know, email secretary@jscc.asn.au. Entry Form: http://jscc.asn.au/index.php/component/rsform/form/4-eastern-creek-south-circuit-26-april-track-day-entry-form Supplementary Regulations: http://www.jscc.asn.au/images/apriltrackdaysponsors/Supplementary-Regulations-Disclaimer-26-April-2015-JSCC-SMSP-South.pdf
  2. decided in the end to get iridium plugs. just went into repco and got myself 4x NGK, Iridium IX (BKR6EIX) @ $25ea. will be putting that in tonight. after the new engine is in, the car feels quite rough, any ideas on why? i hope changing the injectors will help.
  3. Last SR20DET in my Spec R was dead and now replaced with another SR20DET, it is all up and running now but it needs new spark plugs as the last set of plugs in the SR20 looks a bit too old. Just wondering which spark plugs do you guys recommend for replacing for our S15? What heat range and other spec do i need to know when buying spark plugs?
  4. [S15] Flywheel

    Another question. In the process of mounting the new exedy + flywheel onto the new motor and suddenly i realised how thick the Cusco flywheel was, and the flywheel didn't come with any additional bolts. I'm scared that the bolts for the flywheel to the crankshaft won't be long enough due to the thickness. Anyone know, roughtly how long the original bolts are? Just the thickness of the flywheel is close to 3.5cm, so i need to find some pretty lengthy bolts. Yes that's correct. After reading people's comment, it had changed my mind about things. SO THANKS FOR EVERYONE's INPUT!!
  5. [S15] Flywheel

    i've decided to not take the shortcut and risk about the flywheel, so i gathered all my last bit of money left in my account to get the Cusco, Chrome Molibdenium Flywheel, to go with my exedy clutch. so hopefully, all the parts are ready by next week so i could start rebuilding the S15 and drive it again.
  6. I'm planning to fit a Exedy clutch to my JDM spec R S15, but it seems that they don't offer flywheels to S15. Is it possible to machine a dual mass flywheel then use it again with the new clutch? As i've blown my engine, i don't have the money to stretch and go purchase an expensive aftermarket flywheel such as one made by cusco.
  7. S15 Headlights

    A bit off topic and i didn't want to start a new tread about this as i know there are heaps of tread about this issue but i couldn't find it, so please help me out on this. I'm a new owner of a JDM S15 Spec R, few days ago. I've read somewhere on this forum saying that most S15's low beam runs H1 bulbs. I'm planning to upgrade to HID, the car originally had HID light but taken out for compliance, so since it had HID, is the size of the HID also H1? so i just need to get H1 HID to replace the halogen bulb in the car at the moment?