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  1. WTB: S14 fan blower

    After a heater fan blower for S14, bolts under the glove box next to kick panel. Cheers.
  2. A while back I spotted a topic on fixing the problem that these boxes have, I've done a search in both the general & tech forums & can't find it. Can anyone help, if so could they post the link??? P.S. It was more along the line of taking the box apart & replacing with a stronger & wider circlip & locking nut rather than changing to PAR set gears or better oil. Thanx in advance, Nick.
  3. Can anyone please post the correct specs to these turbo's? Thanx in advance, Nick.
  4. 86.5 Greddy pistons in stock Bock

    Hey yogi, i think you've confused this bloke with the word "meaching", I too don't know what this is, do you mean "machining". Nick.
  5. What clutch to buy?

    I'm about to fit the new 9 puck ceramic cushion button type, ask me next week how it went.
  6. Coil Packs Craked

    Oh, S15 are different to S13, so I don't think they'll work.
  7. Coil Packs Craked

    If they are cracked it's most definitely the prob, Had the same thing happen.