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  2. Hi guys, Im after a s14a bonnet, Can be oem, fpr or cf Hit me up woth what you have Or if anyone knows people who can get bonnets in for me Thanks
  3. WTB S14A / S2 BONNET

    Hey all After a stock s14a bonnet... will take stock or aftermarket if i have to. Contact me on 0411 038 343 as i dont get on here much
  4. WTB S14 BONNET + wiring loom

    Sorry supposed to be S2 s14a kouki
  5. WTB S14 BONNET + wiring loom

    Hi, Im after a s14 bonnet. Oem, fpr or carbon. Mostly after oem style but show me what you have. Also after the wiring loom under the drivers dash area, mines been hacked up from a bad alarm install. Thanks
  6. Hey looking for a new turbo for my car. 2nd hand or new. Pm me, let me know what you have. Thanks
  7. hey guys, ive had a good search but cant find any quite like it. anyone know where i can find one like this? thanks.
  8. 170pc socket set $50.

    thats sad, i called frankston and chealsea no lucky =[ shame i jumped on this too late
  9. S14 or 180sx

    180sx, ive liked all the oem kits its had, ca front with lip the sr front with lip and u can use a ca lip to make it look that more gangster and the type x with lip looks as new as kits are these days.
  10. want your opinion!

    Advan TCII's dont think they come in black, but ive seen them on a s15, looks nice.
  11. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    doesnt really matter once you spend a few thousand on the car really, jdm just has more features. but it all goes down to what you want the car to do.
  12. Approx Cost?

    ahahaha, thats not a bad way to learn, just make sure you take lots of fotos before tearing that stuff apart, always helped me or have a friend who is mechanically minded doesnt hurt either. panel beaters will be able to tell you if it has bent rails, been in previous accidents and how bad they possibly were. good luck with the build, post fotos when you're done lol.
  13. old school s13s?

    lol ill go check them out now as the car sits now the rims are right. but the flares and 15s with some wideness would do the the trick this threads s13s look the biz. ill check out ibz build now cheers
  14. old school s13s?

    well im running 18s atm, advan tc2s in 18x8 +22 and 18x9.5 +28 or so. looking for something more oldschool now. cheers for the links.
  15. old school s13s?

    ^^ nice does anyone know how a uras kitted car would look with bolt on flares? lol, this threads changed the way i want my car to look. also where would one source out the bolt on flares ive run a search but only find usa stuff. cheers