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  1. Hi all, I'm after a SR20 block either DE or DET, S13, S14 or S15. It won't really matter as I just need it to dummy up in another car. Therefore condition of it is not important. Might even consider a complete motor if you don't want to go to the trouble of taking it all apart. Let me know what you have. I am from Victoria, south east suburbs. Thanks
  2. I thought heaps of ppl would be using these seeing that they are so cheap?

    Whats the size of your spray booth? Looks like a good idea.
  4. has anyone actually used oned?
  5. oh should have said its for s13 sr20 not skyline
  6. Hi, Was just wondering if the Greddy copy manifolds are any good? Are they the same as the genuine ones? Anything to look out for? Also I hear you can run 8 injectors? Thanks
  7. SR20 engine lifting points?

    Yeah where bouts do they bolt to though?
  8. Just wondering if there are any lifting points on the sr20 engine if so where are they located? Thanks
  9. Hi, Might be able to get an gtir ecu that has had a daughtboard fitted to it, would it work with an s13 sr20de loom? I'm going to do an sr20DE+T conversion. Thanks
  10. Is it possible to buy ball joints for a 180sx, nissan said you cant get them seperatly and need to buy them as a complete unit with control arm. If you can get them, where from and how much? Thanks
  11. mine has a big 60 on it, not sure on the other numbers. will have to check tomorrrow.
  12. Hi, I have an sr20 ecu here and not sure if it is from a de or det. How can you tell the difference? I'm guessing they would have different part numbers?
  13. sr20de rebuild for turbo

    You could always fit DET oil squirters to the DE block, some machining required though.
  14. sr20de turboed?

    piston oil squirters would be nice but how many engines are there without them making big power.. heaps. rb30 doesn't have em.
  15. sr20de turboed?

    Here is what i've learnt in the 2 week period i've had my sr20de. Need to drill and tap the block for oil drain and water line. Fit a t piece to the oil sender for oil inlet to turbo. turbo and manifold bolts up. s13 sr20det injectors, these are 370cc leave the dizzy would be a good idea to get the ecu reprogrammed to suit. I think someone here has a map for de turbo? Obviously stuff like intercooler and piping needs to be done aswell. I heard that one of these with stock sr20det turbo made 160rwkw, not sure how true this figure is... I'm sure others will add some more info... We really need a sticky for DE+T Oh yeah nissansilvia + search function and google usually helps for info