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  1. s14 200sx donor car for s13

    S14 caster rods are too long
  2. Brake Booster alternatives

    http://www.onallcylinders.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/28/IL_16-POD-Brake-Pedal-Ratio.jpg If you can make B smaller it will feel better. How far does the pedal travel now?
  3. Blown Pipe on my 180sx?

    Re-connect blown hose. Plugs will need a clean/replace as well
  4. s13 Louvers

    Christ, they are worth more than a s13
  5. Brake Booster alternatives

    Unless you change the leverage point it is always going to feel too hard. The pedal leverage is designed to be used with a booster. Did you have a look under the dash?
  6. Stick your head under and have a look at the rool between the strut and the wheel. Sidewall will jabe rub marks if it is touching. I doubt it is hitting so hard that you can feel a hesitation.
  7. Brake Booster alternatives

    If i was on a computer i could prob explain it better. But if you can move the hole that the fork bolts through up on the pedal, the leverage will be greater and it will have a bit longer feel as well
  8. WOW - What happened?

    Yeah cool, it did fine with stock boost/stock computer in my r33 so even 180 will be heaps. Probs do cams/injectors/td05 or td06 down the track Nah, not bored, just love the beasts. Weigh less than a silvia and the wagon cost me $50 haha bit rusty, but not too bad. the blue one is my first car, has s14 front suspension, and custom 4 link with watts link in the rear. Will end up a hillclimb car i think Cheers lads
  9. WOW - What happened?

    Did a dummy fit in my good commodore, all looks good. Easier to fabricate inside and transfer to the wagon outside later. Also looking like i'll convert to 5x114.3 and run the rpf1s i have. Johnny: think i'll make 200rwkw on 98 with just a ps1000 and ebc? Engine is just stock s14 with cooler and exhaust otherwise
  10. 3" exhaust too loud on S14 Turbo

    Add another muffler
  11. How to id what diff is in my s15 / speedo prob

    The speedo difference. They allow like 10% from the factory A diff ratio change will change the speedo more than 3kph at 100
  12. How to id what diff is in my s15 / speedo prob

    Difference sounds well within specs man.
  13. Z32 vs Z33 Vs RB25 Vs ? Gearbox Options

    If it is welded on can you pull the box apart if you need to though?
  14. Z32 vs Z33 Vs RB25 Vs ? Gearbox Options

    Nice work, i'd prob run a thick bead of silicone around/in the gap. And when cutting aluminium, run the disc through wax every so often. Will cut heaps easier
  15. 180sx stock VLSD for drifting?

    Throw in 1 extra .8 shim for now then save up for a better centre.

    Can't be too poor if you have a 32 and 34 gtr!

    Starting a new build soon. Got a vc wagon for $50. Already had the sr20 from my skyline
  18. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=s15+r33+gtr+wheels&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjUvIGcnMnOAhWIpJQKHfYpDG8Q_AUIBigB 33 gtr wheels are 17x9 +30 should give you an idea of how your choices are going to fit. None of your options are really ideal. +35 on the front will most likely hit the coilover, +12 will stick well out the guards....
  19. WOW - What happened?

    Moved onto commodores haha
  20. Bore size with liners

    I was looking into tbis a few years ago and was advised 89.5mm. Give you the chance for a .5 rebore down the track incase disaster strikes
  21. lexus is200

    Selling my old daily. Lexus is200, blue, black leather, manual, 228,xxx km, pedders coilovers, r33 wheels. Good little rig, awesome on juice, pretty comfy. come with stock suspension also Has been written off before (think it was rear ended, but never looked into it) Heater clicks for about 30 seconds when key is turned on, might be a dodgy blend door or something. Chasing $4500, no rego or roady. Located in drouin, east of melb. 0438319875
  22. lexus is200

    Still here, will let it got for 3k
  23. Swap s14a front to s15

    Very rare: hard to find... Not hard to find when there is 100,000 to choose from