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  1. sr20 bellhousing and rb25 gearbox

    Pretty much as the title says, chasing a sr20 bellhousing, and good condition rb25 gearbox. Can pickup on eastern side of melbs, otherwise will need to be posted to pakenham, viv
  2. sr20 bellhousing and rb25 gearbox

    Sorry mate, all sorted
  3. R33 rear brakes on s14

    Check if the knuckle is cracked. http://s298.photobucket.com/user/murph_gtsx/media/SL371162.jpg.html
  4. The actuator sets the minimum psi. Fitting a 22 psi one means you can't run 20 psi
  5. Why don't you just up the boost with the ebc?
  6. Yeah, but that is a bit over $800 plus shipping Engine brackets come with the engine, and re use your existing Trans crossmember. only need the front section of the tailshaft which you could negotiate to get with engine package. As well at the engine crossmember
  7. Here is all that is needed to make the trans mount work. Like $5 worth of angle and a little weld.
  8. Just use r33 crossmember and mounts. Will still need a custom gearbox mount, but thats easy.
  9. efr 6258 t4

    http://www.full-race.com/store/manifolds/borgwarner-airwerks-turbo-manifolds/nissan-sr20det-twin-scroll-turbo-manifold.html/ Should have added the link.
  10. efr 6258 t4

    FUll race are having a black friday special. T4 twin scroll manifold is 799
  11. Silvia AWD

    Mate, there is no way you could pay someone build it that cheap. it is a waste of money
  12. Silvia AWD

    No, you need the kit and to fabricate everything else around it. If you can't fabricate then you have to pay someone to do it. For all you are going to spent you could just go out and buy a gtr.
  13. Silvia AWD

    No buy, but fabricate. http://www.full-race.com/store/drivetrain/acd-pro-ets-pro-center-diff-controller/r14-conversion-kit-skyline-gtr-rb26-awd-240sx-swap.html/ And dare say the floor isn't going to for the longer gearbox, transfer case and front tailshaft either. Cheaper/better option will be a neo rb25 + box with bigger turbo, injectors, computer etc.
  14. sr20 bellhousing and rb25 gearbox

    Bump, still chasing a bellhousing
  15. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    The metal braced lca is from a s15. Unbraced will either be s14 or r33 Jelly of gtr
  16. type x fender vs non type x?

    They will be the same general size and shape, just indicator he is different and won't have holes for the bumper side extensions
  17. Did you use new o rings and lube them up with vas to help them slide in?
  18. my expierience with drummond motorsport

    Can you run the camber arm behind the spring and then lengthen the traction arm? Shorting the traction arm usually induces more bump steer
  19. S15, 180sx and r32 parts

    Got the knuckles and front brakes off the 180?
  20. Check the hoses, clean the afm and clean up the plugs. Replace them if it fixes it
  21. still lifting bruhhh?

    I have always wondered what you mean by a 100kg bench, as in are you just doing 1 rep? Or more than that? How does that weigh up against 3 sets of 10 doing 30kg db chest press?
  22. on my way to 200rwkw

    Def need bigger injectors for 200 rwkw. s15 T28, keep winding in boost till it stops making power. Usually around 17-18psi. PREtty sure taarks still sells the turbos new. Get new studs, nuts, locking tabs and gaskets as well. Also will need z32 and nisstune. Or haltech etc with no afm
  23. Undo the 4 bolts that hold it in and have a look?
  24. Loose heat shield on exhaust manifold/turbo?
  25. S15 keeps dying

    Yeah plugs were a good call. I would also clean the afm and check the intercooler pipe clamps are tight and splits in the hoses