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  1. As topic states I'm after either a Recaro or Bride drivers side seat rail to suit a Recaro SR3 seat. If anyone has anything they'd like to part with please let me know
  2. S14 S15 Wedding Cars

    We had a Burgandy VL Calais with White Tigers in the snow airbrushed on the doors when I was younger (18) that would drive down Chapel Street with a full car load every Friday/Saturday night with the original black and white victorian plates ONICE. Looked unbelievable and the thing really was on ice when he put his foot down! So they were behind the inspiration but I run a more conservative three letter three number Victorian plate JET.514 LOL So is anyone out here willing to participate, $ isn't an issue would really love to have the whole Fast and Furious bridal party entrance for my groomsmen!
  3. S14 S15 Wedding Cars

    Sorry gentleman I'm from Melbourne, and to be honest haven't registered the plates to my car yet they're more of a keepsake. Unfortunately not sure if I ever will put them on my car which is a bit of a shame, but these days the last thing I need at 32 is cops flashing sirens in my rear view. But they'll definitely make an appearance for the wedding registered or not!
  4. So here goes, my younger brother got married earlier this year and had 5 R34 GTRs to take each groomsman and himself to the church. I'm looking at getting a few S14 S15 show cars to do the same! The wedding is on the 15th of January 2017 and as it stands I have my own S14.5 show car and two of my younger brothers own S14a's as well, plus another S15. Truth is I'd really love a convoy to cruise down with us to the church and I thought I'd see if anyone was willing to be involved. I'm happy to pay for your time, wont be more than one hour max from around 12-1pm.
  5. S15 and S14 parts for sale

    Still have the S14 rear quarter glass? Where abouts are you located and is inspection welcome?
  6. S14a running gear

    How much for the gearbox and can you send some pics to 0433666123
  7. WTB:s14 gearbox

    I've got a spare low km import $700
  8. As topic states I'm after a S14 LHS rear quarter glass with nissan anti theft sticker
  9. NSW: Genuine TE37's for trade

    Willing to trade for a set of Black LMGT4 18x8.5 +30 18x9 +25
  10. As topic states I'm after a complete left hand rear quarter window with moulding and must be off early model S14 (Clear Glass) and preferably still have the nissan anti theft sticker attached in the bottom corner. Apparently from September '95 glass has a slight green tinge, after something for pick up in Melbourne but let me know what you have.
  11. NIStune ECU help!

    Thanks for the advice! I'll do what you said and send Matt an email. Last time I spoke to NIStune they were quite helpful but obviously being a one off makes things quite difficult. Once again thanks for the help
  12. Have a pair of EVO 10 Recaro seats one airbag has been deployed (Drivers Side) along the seam otherwise good condition. $1400 for the pair with rails
  13. Due to P plate laws in VIC I fitted an S15 Autech engine into a AUTO S14a after blowing my motor and handed the car down do my younger brother. I fitted the SR20DET rocker cover to allow the factory engine loom to be used eliminating the distributer as an upgrade. As the ECU that came with the engine package was from a S15 Autech manual, which from my understanding is what they all are. In order to address the issues associated with the S14a turbo ECU being the control unit for the Autech motor I decided to install a NIStune in order to allow tuning for the Autech motor which was installed. After completing the installation and Dyno tune @ Chasers the car still seems like it's not running as intended. I was told NA maps had been installed on the ECU and that was the best they could do in terms of tuning. To which it seemed they were a little confused about as well. From my understanding S15 Autech's have there own unique maps which NIStune do not carry, is it possible to download the mapping system from the MANUAL Autech ECU which came with the motor and have it uploaded to the existing S14a AUTO ECU fitted with the NIStune? My biggest concern is what effect the AUTO transmission will have on the mapping system if any and how to fix any potential issues resulting from this. I've never heard of anyone who's attempted or completed a conversion like this with Automatic transmission and Coilpacks fitted and would appreciate any advice which may be offered!
  14. As topic states I'm after a genuine S15 Aero front bar any colour in good condition with no cracks or any major defects.
  15. Nismo Lmgt4 - $1,200

    Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Got a pair of genuine 18' x 8.5 +30J Rays nismo LMGT4 these are in excellent condition and come with brand new tyres willing to negotiate with removal of tyres otherwise price is firm! These are forged monoblock wheels that are bronze in colour and extremely hard to source since being discontinued, the are lightweight and in my opinion are one of the best wheels ever made by Rays. Hope they find a good home!