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  1. Uragay. Can't 5 star my own thread? This forum gave me cancer.

  3. another S15 Gearbox issue

    oh and staying on topic, I had a similar issue in an sw20 - was a clutch spring that ended up jizzing all over itself and bukkaking the clutch.
  4. another S15 Gearbox issue

    Just burn it to the ground and start fresh. Someone throw me the keys to this bitch, I wouldnt be against running legit porn banner ads, fuck you if you get dicked at work cunt. Infact, forget your silvias, this is now pornhub 2.0
  5. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    I'll race ya on foot.

    lol fuckin camp out for a phone. cops should beat them for loitering or apex gang should gank them for their shoes. They had apu on the news down here, dude looked like a stone cold serial killer just froffin to strangle a cunt. He probably threatened to rape the cameraman before filming.
  7. WOW - What happened?

    lol I saw one in person last year
  8. WOW - What happened?

    It'll crack 200 easy if you put a brocky sticker on it.
  9. WOW - What happened?

    What you trying to say, that loz likes to see homos naked?
  10. WOW - What happened?

    sometimes I used ttuned at work instead of going to the effort of unblocking ns
  11. WOW - What happened?

    Yay forskin teehee
  12. This guys legit nigerian mafia. PM Sent
  13. Ok, so after flagging another 38 spam accounts and deleting 5 pages of bullshit, I've raised a request with Flying180, Loz and STR8E180 to invoke manual approval. There's clearly a big problem with the Captcha authentication, and like you, the spam is starting to annoy me. That's pretty much all I'm able do on this front guys, sorry I can't be more helpful than that. Could you also make me dinner for tomorrow, trim some hedges around the front of my house and cuddle with me? Just tell everyone to get fucked.Start outspamming the spammer with dickpics.
  14. Future JDM classics

    I spy a few batmobiles on carsales for under 30k, maybe there is still hope
  15. Future JDM classics

    They must be getting rare over in japland by now spose you used to see the occasional s13 being putted around by an old bloke or hairdresser type - they're probably stashed away in a shed somewhere like old dattos were
  16. Future JDM classics

    are you serious? there are CA18's left? nah no idea, probably some nanny state shit where you can't bring in cars that don't have 30 airbags and give the EPA the middle finger
  17. 3" exhaust too loud on S14 Turbo

    Get a dirty great muffler right at the end of the exhaust, that's the theory yeah? slower velocity exhaust entrance = more effeciant at reducing noise? Been a while. I run a 3" from the turbo till the rear bumper, where I have an EPA cheater that squeezes to 2.5" with a dirty redback muffler on it. Gets under EPA by 2db and sounds like total ass.
  18. Future JDM classics

    I'm actually getting the mr2 ready to sell haha s14 nah, I think of it as an old datsun 120y that follows me around through life. Are you cunts emotionally attached to yours or would you sell up without a thought? Ironically those 120y are worth a bit, plenty of people with emotional attachment to different cars. The problem is it can cloud your vision on what they are actually worth. Good example of this is the guys asking crazy money for Aus delivered 32 GTR's I've got 2 "classics" at the moment both 70's era. One muscle, one Jap. One I've spent more on it than it will ever be worth (in my opinion), the other I got when prices were already high. Both purchased because I like the cars, not because they are an investment. If you want to get cars to make money than forget looking at the ones you like and look at short term gains. Buying broken, repairing and selling etc. There was a good thread on PF about this a while ago. I had to check out how much GTR's are going for and saw a GTS-T for 20k :lol: fuck off 20k surprises me how many cars have come up in value, reckon the hard part would be keeping half of them rust free unless your rich enough to store a huge shed full of possible classics. shit a rust free datto or gemini would probably be worth the asking price just for the rarity of it lol I always wanted an fd rx7 - looks like I'll just keep admiring them with their prices going up further haha
  19. Future JDM classics

    damn, 100% stock 32gtr will probably sell for enough to fund retirement if you keep it that long probably already get a fortune selling it to some yank
  20. WOW - What happened?

    jet fuel can't melt rubber beams
  21. Future JDM classics

    I'm actually getting the mr2 ready to sell haha s14 nah, I think of it as an old datsun 120y that follows me around through life. Are you cunts emotionally attached to yours or would you sell up without a thought?
  22. Future JDM classics

    woe the s14 is the meat in the sanga, keep them parts cheap! but my sw20 sits on there nicely...
  23. Hey nice work new guy, at least they're an easy-ish car to fix anyway also they do nice skids
  24. stop licking your lips