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  1. The fight game

    weigh ins 1 hour before fight? all pro and semi pro weigh in 24 hours before fight? what do you fight in?
  2. The fight game

    i would be on high carb food early in the day.. after training it will be lean protein foods. I would adjust day to day pending on how my body feels, and also mainly seeing what weight i will have to be fighting at.
  3. The fight game

    i normally fight 2-3kgs below my walking weight. i'm 180cm fight at 70-71.5, up coming to a fight i would clean up my diet. I train 5-6 days a week hard cardio and soarring. Eve with the worst diet you will still lose weight. I myself have no strict diet, unless i have to cut more than 5kgs. Eat what makes you feel good and recover. Plenty of water coming up to a weigh in, this way the body will let you cut the weight easier. No food 24hours before the weigh in.. Sauna suit and sauna works if neccessary.
  4. for my last fight (muay thai) leading up to the fight i was training 2 hours a day MT for 5 days a week and two days on the weekend weights. it depends what weight your fighting at. I fight at 70-71.5 and i'm 180cm. i never do weights leading to a fight, i find it too hard to cut the weight.
  5. Legality of driving without front bar

    i did it, but i had a police report number because my front bar was stolen and i called them up to let them know, also the number plate was taken as well.
  6. Meal Ideas Thread

    this has already being done

    7-10 days i think... but at 50% cheaper (or almost) who cares lol i dont mind the waiting time. they still have them in stock atm?

    how long does cdwow take to send out their games? have they sold out atm?
  9. Zac and Miri make a porno

    f**king funny when the gay couple were arguing HAAHAHHA
  10. My Bloody Valentine 3D

    want to watch it in 3d, scared i'll get sick. Do they give you those glasses to wear?
  11. Laddette to ladies

    and the stripper there was a vag slip there, when they were talkin about her life LOL and the cd nipple HAHAHA
  12. Laddette to ladies

    Anyone think it's good for a perve? not a great show, but a good perve
  13. Because that instant the shot was taken would reflect their duties there. Maybe they are about to be debriefed by the officer there. Maybe they are about to conduct a canvass of the scene. Maybe they are about to take statememts from witnesses. Maybe they all rushed there to try to help the guy drowning. The yahve to remain there until they are allowed to leave. As for the laughter etc, let just say the human psychy has many coping mechanisms for. Humour is one of them. Police are offered counselling after incidents, but the sights some of them see stay with them forever true, or maybe not.
  14. good to see they keeeping them selves busy standing around doin shit all
  15. Gangs of Oz

    hahaahaah my mate was on it as a lebbo extra. HAHAHAHAHAH good show LOLL loved the bit when they interviewed this guy.. cop: where were u on the 13th of June the suspect: f**king your mother, how the f**k am'i suppose to know where i was. *stands up and points to the other cop as well* i was f**king your mother too, you f**king idiots. thats where the f**k i was" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA