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  1. I need some help figuring out what diff I have. I was told that I have the R180 but I've read that the R180 didn't come in the S14 and that the r200 did instead. I have searched the internet but oddly enough it's been hard to find anything super clear on the differences and even images of both to clearly tell which is which. My current diff was welded but broke one day exiting a driveway that was on an decline. Now there's a revolving knock coming from the diff when the rear wheels are in motion. I lifted the car and could feel the knock on the diff when I placed my hand on it. Does anyone also know which differential would be a direct replacement where I wouldn't have to replace any other parts? I've read of some people having to replace drive shafts and other parts to be able to fit their new diffs. I'm trying to fix this for relatively cheap. I wouldn't mind replacing it with the same stock part or maybe even an aftermarket one that isn't like $500+. Yet, if richer knowledge suggests that as an inevitable route then I can consider the range. I'm mostly trying to avoid riding on a welded diff again. It is my only car and I've been biking for about a month since I've had no luck finding a replacement. I'm located in Japan and it's hard to communicate with the local shops what I am looking for if I cant say what I have currently. It's already difficult enough with the language barrier (currently studying Japanese). I hope I can get some good help and knowledge from you guys. Thanks a lot for your time and help in advance. BTW I've provided some pics of the diff so you have a visual. Thanks again!
  2. So I found two things. First the wire was only connecting by a single thread, second was that one of the fuses was blown. I believe the fuse was the bigger reason but I'm glad I looked at the wire as well cause it could've broke off.
  3. Hello everyone! I’ll get straight to it. I have an S14 with an S15 front already on it, but I’m not very happy with the bumper and fenders on it at the moment. They’re already fitted but the fenders have chips broken off and the bumper is cracked. I also feel the bumper has a “soft” appearance. The car is also about 6 different colors right now so I figured if I’m gonna paint it, I might as well fit other parts I like more. With that said, will original fenders and bumpers fit? I was told that I need “conversion” fenders for it to work but I’ve also read that OEM parts fit best. I found some S15 fenders yesterday but I wasn’t sure if to buy them. I put them against the car and it seemed like they would fit fine except for the lining up on the pillars next to the windshield. The 14’s fender arches up towards the pillar, but the 15’s lines up with the hood. Does anyone have experience with this? Maybe OEM is best? Maybe it doesn’t matter. The fiber glass parts don’t line up perfectly as it is anyway. I hope I didn’t get long-winded but I want to give a good description of the situation. I will give a pic of what he car looks like. The skirts are not yet installed but I was also seeing if they fit
  4. I’m going to look further into finding a bad ground or something badly wired later this week or during the weekend. Thank you With the cigarette lighter I think the socket itself may be bad. I noticed part of it looked like it got burnt (could be the thermal fuse you mentioned). I don’t think it was that dark color before. I can upload a picture of what it looks like currently. Also I checked the wire behind the plug and there’s 12.68vdc there so it’s leading me to think the socket is the issue. Okay I will search for the diagram some more. Thank you for the help!
  5. Hello everyone! This is my first post here and second forum to ever be a part of. So I am hoping to have success here as I am really liking my Silvia. I am having issues with the power in my radio and cigarette lighter. If I turn the radio up a little high it cuts off and turns back on but will cut off again unless I turn it down. I bought extra lighter plugs (it comes with 3 and switches to turn them on or off) and plugged the main plug into the car's plug. when I turn one on it's fine but when I turned all three they died. I checked the fuses and one was blown (I don't know what fuse it is because the kickplate with the fuse decal is missing). I replaced the 15amp one that was blown with a 20amp one and the cigarette lighter worked again! However I tested the issue again by turning on all three switches and the issue occurred again. I checked all the fuses again but this time none were blown. Now I'm at a loss. Does anyone have an idea how to tackle this issue? The current radio doesn't seem to have had a great install by the looks of it so maybe a ground or something is loose or disconnected. I have a multimeter to check any wires. I will have to try again tomorrow. I hope someone can help solve this issue. I can also provide pictures if you would like! When looking around the I did notice an unconnected terminal so maybe that can mean something. Thanks a lot again! BTW my Silvia is a 96 S14.5 in Japan if that means anything.