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  1. Looking for a RB25DET Ikeya Formula sequential shifter
  2. What is the biggest bore size people are running with sr20det Darton sleeved blocks with reliability. Running spool stroker crank and rods.
  3. Rb25det Ikeya Formula sequential shifter

    Well that is very bad feedback for Ikeya.... Best not worry about this one and stick to h pattern
  4. Rb25det Ikeya Formula sequential shifter

    Yep already have one for the standard h pattern shifter.
  5. Rb25det Ikeya Formula sequential shifter

    I have a full PPG dog set box so i assumed I would be very hard to damaged
  6. Bore size with liners

    Running E85 260/270 cams EFR7670
  7. Rb25det Ikeya Formula sequential shifter

    What in particular do they do to the box.
  8. Bore size with liners

    And is 9.0 to 1 compression the most popular choice
  9. What would a secondhand good condition standard bore size Darton Sleeved block be worth?
  10. Just looking for standard SR20det S13 block for a rebuild.. bore condition not important
  11. What are the best options for Flat Shift ignition cut. I have seen some gear stick strain gauge units and also some gear knob unit. I have a H pattern RB25det box with PPG dog gears.
  12. Flat shift gear knob

    Found one from SQS Racing in the Czech Republic. 222 Euro delivered. Arrived in three days after paying with PayPal. Excellent quality and much cheaper than Hollinger at $1100.00
  13. Just interested if anyone knows if the input flanges from long nose R200's are interchangeable with short long nose from R33 Rb25det
  14. What is the going rate for a secondhand RB25det gearbox.
  15. SR20 Parts

    Located in Perth WA. Nismo 740cc side feed injectors. Done only 3000 kms Sold S13 Exedy sprung centre ceramic clutch with flywheel. Done only 200 kms $450.00 Genuine Bosch 044 pump Brand new in box $120.00 Bosch 984 pump.... Sold Surge Tank......Sold
  16. SR20 Parts

    Clutch and Fuel pump left.
  17. s13 Sr20 rocker cover

    S13 Sr20 rocker cover needed in any condition.... prefer Perth if possible
  18. Brand new SR20DET Rocker arms x8

    I need a set if you still have some
  19. wanted s13 5 speed speed sensor in Perth if possible Found one. Delete please
  20. Just interested to see what compression ratio people are running. Looking at a new set of forged pistons. My last build had 8.5 to 1 but i see there are a lot of options available 9.1 etc. Looking at running E85 with high boost. 450rwhp.
  21. compression ratio

    What brand of Pistons is every one using and what are the best or most prefered
  22. What size injectors

    Are they the same as the Xspurt ones on injectorsonline
  23. What size injectors

    Are they good for E85
  24. What size injectors

    Where do you guys get your injectors from. Lots on Ebay but not sure if they are genuine
  25. Trying compare the EFR range to the GTX3071R and GTX3076R sizing. What is comparable to these sizes in the EFR range of turbos and also dyno sheet differences. Looking at twin scroll