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  1. S15 drivers side Window Motor

    Thanks Ru55KJ... finally found the motor..
  2. S15 drivers side Window Motor

    Thanks Ru55KJ... finally found the motor..
  3. S15 drivers side Window Motor

    Thanks Ru55KJ... ill give them a shot... appreciate it.
  4. HI Guys, Need a Nissan S15 ADM drivers side window motor, new or old (preferably). Let me know if anyone has one i can buy. Thanks.
  5. ended up doing a oil n spark plug change over the weekend and the noise went away... i think it maybe related to the oil i had which was 5w-30... think its too thin for my s15.. just in case anyone else had the same issue.
  6. thanks bro... ill get those things checked out..
  7. Hi Guys, On my S15, I am hearing a weird noise (Sounds like a quick crunch) whenever i press on the accelerator. This happens on every gear and if i let go of the accelerator and press it again in gear the noise comes back and dissapears after i press the pedal down abit more. I tested this during neutral and there is no sound. i feel like the noise is coming from the driver side engine bay. Has anyone else heard this issue? Over time, it is become more louder. Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, Thought i'd post my results up here for anyone else that has similiar issues. Pulled out the BOV and noticed that then i put in a screw to block off the hole in the bov, there was a small gap between the two pieces of the bov. after grinding down the screw the bov is now sitting together and has helped with the stalling issue when braking. Thanks all for the suggestions..!!
  9. Thanks guys I'll check the vacuum lines again this weekend.....Might invest doing a smoke test.. The car also has a nistune board on it. Will post results after checking this out.
  10. Hi Guys, i have an issue with my S15 where i had done the mod to block the hole on the stock BOV to stop it leaking boost past 12psi. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26512 I have been running 15psi without any issues and after i have done the mod to stock BOV I have issues where when i brake or come to a stop the car drops rpms and pretty much stalls if i don't heel toe to keep the revs up. I confirmed that the stock BOV is all tight and connected to be recirculated but the problem is still happening. Has this happened to anyone before? I have already tried tightening all vacuum lines, cleaning AFM and cleaning IACV is there anything else that i can try? Regards, Ravit
  11. Low Idle during breaking

    Thanks for your advice guys.. I ended up cleaning out my iacv which was dirty as shit.. and connected my factory blow off valve back in.. seemed to resolve the issue. Im going to take it to the tuner again on wednesday to check out the TPS voltage though..
  12. Low Idle during breaking

    Thanks Chris for the link. The Z32 afm is brand new and has stock cams.... it only occurs during braking as if the car doesnt get enough fuel.. Ill check the idle control valve this weekend and let you know how i go...
  13. Hi Guys, I recently took in my S15 to get a nistune and a Z32 afm installed and noticed that the car is running both rich and also that during breaking the idle drops alot to almost the stage of stalling... the mechanic told me its due to the fact that i dont have a BOV which is causing the air flow back into the z32 AFM and it is asking for more fuel which it doesnt get and idles low. Has anyone seen this issue before?
  14. Boost Lag

    Issue was the wastegate was not shutting properly... turbo was fine..
  15. Boost Lag

    Took it to the mechanic today and they said all the piping was fine and it is pointing to a dodgy turbo... Time to change the T28..